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Design and production of electronic circuits based on
AVR Microcontroller




A good consultation can open new horizons for you.

Before production begins, You can visualize a real-view of your circuit, Develop it, Fix shortcomings, Optimize required facilities and eventually get your initial idea to production stage.



Hardware has an important role in electronic circuits. Hardware must be design to protect circuit from external circumstances and ensure proper circuit operation.

Right selection and placement of parts, Proper communication between different parts of circuit, Appropriate dimensions of circuit according to the type of use, Predicting ambient stresses on different parts of circuit are among the most important things in a good design.



Maybe we can say software is the most important part of any microcontroller-based circuit. Correct operation of circuit is directly related to microcontroller program. High ability of programmer will cause the good performance of circuit at high speed without interference in different parts of software.

Correct understanding of final product operation, sufficient knowledge, Experience and Creativity are among the most important things in programming.



Where your idea comes to reality and result of your efforts will bear fruit.

Providing suitable solutions in this section is important, it can save a lot of money and ultimately reduces cost of final product.

Purchase original and quality parts, Experience and expertise in assembly department will reduce amount of damage in final product and thus reduce cost of warranty and after-sales service.


After-sales service

Electronic circuits are always exposed to environmental stresses and no matter how care you take in producing them, they will still need after-sales service.

Proper after-sales service gives credit to your business, Ensures proper operation of circuits for a long time, Gains consumer trust and eventually increases products sales.

after-sales service


Stand by you from 0 to 100 of circuit production


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